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Phil Hyde helped in the creation of this Hampton Court palace Gold Medal Winner.

The modern design, which is simple and eye-catching, is based on a radial layout comprising five circles. A pergola divides the garden into richly planted areas for entertainment and relaxation. An entertainment area hosts bright fire-coloured herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses. And the relaxation area consists of more subdued tones of white, blue and lots of bold green foliage. Tall specimen plants in the relaxation area create a secluded feeling, isolating it from the entertainment area.

Moisture-loving plants, such as zantedeschia, acorus, and pontederia, are carefully arranged around a water feature.


The hard landscaping comprises modern materials like steel framework, architectural mesh screens, black basalt setts, metal mesh flooring and an Italian porphyry sett circle.

Three cube-shaped Carpinus betulus 'Frans Fontaine' trees are cleverly planted at the front of the plot to reinforce the garden's radial form.



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